Open Positions

In the Hougland research group, we work at the interface of chemistry and biology – using techniques and knowledge from both disciplines to explore protein biochemistry. Our goal is to “ask the simple question in the complex system”, applying chemical reasoning to understand the molecular foundations of biological function. Researchers in our lab come from a wide range of scientific backgrounds, and our work focuses on the question rather than the experimental approach – we’ll use any tools we need to achieve our research goals. Sound like fun?

Postdoctoral Positions

We do not currently have any openings for postdoctoral scholars, but please check back!

Graduate Students

We are always looking for new graduate researchers to join our research team. Please email Prof. Hougland with questions and/or to schedule a chat about our group. If you aren’t enrolled at Syracuse University, you will first need to apply to the graduate program in the Chemistry department .

Undergraduate Researchers

If you’re an undergraduate at Syracuse and would be interested in pursuing research in our lab, please email Prof. Hougland for more information. Most of our undergraduate researchers are Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Biochemistry majors, but we’re always happy to broaden our research team experience!